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Would the modern world exist without the internet? Probably not. If something happens that affects the LGBTQ community and it doesn’t get posted to the gay web, did it really happen? The web seems to control nearly every aspect of our lives: how we get around, how we get laid, how we interact with friends, family and strangers alike. It's one of the most powerful resources mankind has ever harnessed. The LGBTQ community is no stranger to the wild, wonderful worldwide web. For us in particular, the gay web and app culture has made it easier for us to find and connect with other members of our community. Here is where we compile the latest and greatest (and cringe-worthy worst) of the gay web, from which gay celebrities are feuding over Twitter to the latest social media platform snatching the attention of the LGBTQ community. What are gay guys up in arms about over on Reddit today? Here you'll find all that and more.
‘Secret Buttholes’ Is the Latest Eye-Opening Insta Account You Should Be Following

For six years, Secret Buttholes has been posting pictures of all sorts, each having one thing in common: they all kinda look like buttholes.

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We Asked 3 Hornet Moderators to Share Their Experiences With the Program

Have you ever wondered how you could help make the Hornet community better? Did you know that Hornet has several programs that allow you to contribute and also get rewarded while you do? Among these programs are Hornet Moderators, Translators (story and app), Beta testers, Writers, Featured Guys and Health[…]

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Twitter Trend Alert: Who’s Your Animated Doppelganger?

The latest Twitter trend is asking users to uncover their animated doppelganger, either in physical appearance or personality. The origins of this trend seem to go all the way back to 2015, when Tumblr user baberallafox posted the very first “me vs. animated me” photoset. But five years later it’s[…]

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The AIDS Memorial on Instagram Ensures That Stories of Love and Loss Are Never Forgotten

The page’s founder opens up about why he created the page and why it’s important now more than ever

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