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Here Are the 15 Pokémon That Totally Turned Me Gay

I used to be straight and now I’m super-duper gay, and Pokemon is totally to blame, specifically these 15

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If the ‘Avengers’ Films Had Been Made in the ’90s, How Would It Be Cast?

A meme circling the web has cast its own Avengers franchise but as if the films had been made in the ’90s

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Gayest Episode Ever: Before She Went Nuts, Roseanne Kissed Lesbians and Helped Queer Causes

The Gayest Episode Ever podcast looks at Roseanne’s 1994 kiss with Mariel Hemingway in terms of her LGBT advocacy and her recent support of Donald Trump

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Gayest Episode Ever: That Time the Show ‘Frasier’ Admitted to Its Own Queerness

The Gayest Episode Ever podcast kicks off with a look at ‘The Matchmaker,’ the episode in which ‘Frasier’ examined its own queerness

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Is Fran Drescher a Socialist?

The beloved ’90s sitcom star has taken to Twitter to denounce capitalism and cry out for revolution.

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The Horrible Side to the Movie “Ghost” that Nobody Talks About

Ghost is actually a horrifying story of an idiot who ruins everyone’s lives even after he’s been killed.

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PICS: Polaroid Collector Wants You To Tell The Stories Behind Each Image

Next month Taschen is releasing a mammoth 560-page book of Andy Warhol’s Polaroids. Photos of celebrities like Deborah Harry, Jack Nicholson, and Grace Jones are easy enough for viewers to pick out, but a recent project by Canadian visual sociologist Kyler Zeleny takes a very different approach to the Polaroid[…]

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Who Is The Definitive ’90s Boy Band?: Backstreet Boys vs. N’Sync

The ’90s belonged to two boy bands: Backstreet Boys and N’Sync. But who came out on top? Pop genius Matt Craven uses PURE, RATIONAL SCIENCE to figure it out!

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