Coming Out

Coming out: it’s one of the most difficult decisions LGBTQ people have to face. For some, it means having an uncomfortable conversation. For others, it can mean risking absolutely everything. Either way, it’s never easy. No one can tell you when the time is right for you to come out. But when you’re ready, and in a safe space with the right support network around you, coming out is one of the most powerful things you can do to help yourself and inspire others around you who are still unsure about leaving the closet. From athletes who put their careers on the line for the sake of being true to who they are, to awkward accidental outings, coming out stories might make us laugh, cry or cringe, but they always remind us that we’re never alone. Here are a few of our favorite coming out stories:
Watching the ‘Master of None’ Thanksgiving Episode Is Our Favorite Queer Holiday Tradition

This holiday weekend, you need to watch the award-winning episode, co-written by Aziz Ansari and Lena Waithe

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American Civil Rights Leader Bayard Rustin on the ‘Absolute Necessity’ to Be Openly Gay

In a recently unearthed recording of a mid-1980s interview, he shares his thoughts on the importance of being openly gay

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Being HIV-Positive is an Ongoing ‘Coming Out’ Process With a Powerful Impact

Coming out as poz is the single greatest thing we can do to combat stigma, allowing others to understand the complex ways HIV impacts all our lives

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It’s a Sweet Story How This Closeted High School Swimmer Ended Up With the Football Captain

A high school swimmer named Hunter Sigmund was closeted and scared until he came out to Jake Bain, the openly gay football captain — then they began dating

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