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If Being Gay Were Actually a Choice, What Do You Think Straight Guys Would Choose?

It’s time for some more burning questions answered by straight guys! This time, the topic at hand is whether, if it was a choice to be gay — which, let’s be clear, IT’S NOT — on what side would straight guys fall? Their answers may surprise you! Recently Reddit u/gyromancy[…]

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Let’s Take a Look at the Reasons Some Straight Men Enjoy Group Masturbation

While the majority of guys who patronize group masturbation clubs are gay men, the clientele is likely more diverse than you think

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Are You Demisexual? If You’re Not Into Porn or ‘Love at First Sight,’ You Might Be

If you’ve ever wondered, ‘Am I demisexual?’ or ‘What is demisexual?’ here are some common demisexual attributes to help you find out

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‘Summer Penis’ Is Real, So You Can Look Forward to a More Prodigious Pecker This Season

We’ve all heard about “shrinkage,” but there’s a theory that a man’s penis grows larger in warmer weather, too. Those who “suffer” from the condition claim they have better erections and larger testicles, too.

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