Drugs in the Gay Community: Headlines, Trends, Stigma

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From a very early age, we hear one saying over and over again: “Say no to drugs.” Mainstream society considers them dangerous, impairing judgment and negatively affecting overall health. Many cultures around the world frown upon drug usage. But drugs come in many different forms, many of which are entirely legal. They produce differing effects on the body and mind, from a glass of wine or coffee to marijuana, which remains illegal through much of the world despite its effects on the body being relatively mild. Harder substances like cocaine, meth and heroin can be deadly, crippling a person’s ability to lead a normal life. The gay community has always had a rather unique relationship with drugs and drug use. Hornet tackles the history of drug use as it relates to the LGBTQ community and culture, along with the latest relevant headlines, discussion of stigma and studies examining drug use.
Researchers Have Uncovered a Way to Have Better Sex, and It’s Sticky Icky

Two new studies on weed and sex suggest that weed smokers have enjoyable sex more often than people who don’t smoke weed. But how much do you need to smoke?

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5 Things That Cause Homosexuality (According to Weirdos and Religious Nutjobs)

Science is still trying to figure out what causes homosexuality, but these 5 weirdos and religious nutjobs blame everything from fast food to Disney films

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Let These 5 Guys Drinking Alone in Their Undies Show You How to Get Stylishly ‘Päntsdrunk’

We just heard about päntsdrunk, the Finnish practice of drinking alone at home in your underwear. So let’s learn about it while watching hot guys do it too

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The Deadly Opioid Fentanyl Has Made Its Way Into Street Drugs Like Cocaine, Meth and MDMA

The powerful opioid fentanyl may be responsible for at least three deaths in L.A. after three cocaine users suddenly died following a bender

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