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For most people, movies give us access to experiences and characters beyond our own reality, enhancing our view of the world and the human experience. Movies have a powerful effect on our lives, and this is especially true for LGBTQ people, many of whom grow up only seeing themselves reflected back at them on-screen in gay films. A trip to the local megaplex or browsing queer-themed titles on streaming services give LGBTQ youth the chance to connect with gay characters and their stories. These moving images make us feel less alone. Hollywood isn’t always kind to LGBTQ filmmakers and gay films and characters, but things are changing. Indie filmmakers are also giving a voice to all sorts of queer artists and characters. Take a look at our coverage of gay films below, from the latest casting and production news (what's coming up) to a look back at some of our favorites from years past.
Finding the Gay in ‘Sister Act’ Almost 30 Years Later

A mainstay of Catholic school movie days, the 1992 Whoopi Goldberg comedy has become a cult classic, and it just happens to be a little gay

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Radha Blank’s ‘The Forty-Year-Old Version’ Tells a Story of Tenacity We All Need in 2020

Radha Blank – the director, writer, and star of The Forty-Year-Old Version – is exactly the heroine we need for this moment. Her version of New York – influenced by talents as different as Woody Allen and Spike Lee – is a multi-racial panoply of the city and its boroughs that’s[…]

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Uncovering the Secret Queer History of James Bond

Underneath your favorite spy is a secret queer history that includes tribute paid to the real-life queer man who inspired him

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10 Films Where Bisexuals Aren’t Portrayed as Villainous, Confused Creeps

Most bi film characters get portrayed as confused, predatory or destructive. But these 10 films celebrate and examine bi lives in living color—take a look!

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