15 of Your Favorite Celebrities Who Tend to Go All Out on Halloween

15 of Your Favorite Celebrities Who Tend to Go All Out on Halloween

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Halloween is just a week away! And while some of us wear costumes scraped from the bottom of the bargain bin and crash other people’s parties, others of us go all out with ridiculous over-the-top costumes and unforgettable Halloween bashes that would put special effects mastermind Tom Savini to shame.

No matter which side of the pumpkin you’re on, you’ll get a kick out of seeing some of our favorite celebs go crazy for Halloween in the best ways possible. Here are 15 of our favorite celebrity Halloween costumes — plus a few bonus ones.

Our Favorite Celebrity Halloween Costumes


1. Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David Burtka have been putting on Halloween bashes with their kids since 2011. Not only do they always have amazing family costumes, but they’re famous for their Halloween parties.


2. Heidi Klum

Speaking of amazing costumes, Heidi Klum is the queen. She always goes all in — and she’s not afraid to spend a lot of time and money getting it right. For her 2015 Jessica Rabbit costume, she spent days getting the prosthetics right. Its one of the best celebrity Halloween costumes we’ve ever seen. (That’s her at the top of the article, too, with model Gigi Hadid as Sandy from Grease.)

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3. Kate Hudson

Every year, Kate Hudson puts on a Hollywood Halloween party that brings out the stars. If you’re famous, you’re going to her party. Last year, Jessica Alba and Kelly Sawyer went as Patsy and Edina from Absolutely Fabulous!

4. Jason DeRulo

While most of our entries have been from years prior, this one’s a current costume. Jason DeRulo played the Maxim Halloween party this year, and we love his Game of Thrones Night King costume to a ridiculous degree. And if you want to see how he did it, DeRulo posted a time-lapse video to his Instagram (below):

5. Bette Midler

Even if she hadn’t done anything but Hocus Pocus, Bette Midler would have earned a place on this list. And, hey, throwing last year’s Hulaween Party would have also put her on this list. But throwing the Hulaween Party while dressed as Winifred? Well played.


Joe Jonas’ new band DNCE are definitely in the Halloween spirit. Though we definitely hope JinJoo Lee isn’t planning on skinning her bandmates…. although, a Jonas-skin coat would win Halloween 2017. Just sayin’.

7 and 8. Beyoncé and Jay Z

Music’s power couple, Beyoncé and Jay Z always get folks in the Halloween mood. While their Barbie and Ken costumes made the rounds last year, we’re a big fan of all their looks — from this look above featuring Beyoncé as Salt from the rap duo “Salt-N-Pepa” and Jay Z as Dwayne Wayne from the ’90s sitcom A Different World, to their Coming to America costumes from 2015.

Not only are they the king and queen of celebrity Halloween costumes, but they even get their daughter Blue Ivy involved — like this one from 2014, where Blue dressed up as Michael Jackson to Bey’s Janet:

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9. Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s birthday is October 25, so she generally throws a combination birthday/Halloween party. And she doesn’t go by half-measures. She’s been a Cheeto, Freddie Mercury, Jane from Daria and a fried egg, but our favorite is her last year’s costumes, when she went as Hillary Clinton, complete with facial prosthetics. (We gotta admit liking Orlando Bloom’s Trump in the back there, even if he went a less… realistic route.)

10. Colton Haynes

Colton Haynes really gets into Halloween. Last year, he was Miss Piggy, and in 2015, he was a very impressive Ursula. But we gotta go with his 2014 costume when he dressed up as Fiona from Shrek.

11. Cole Sprouse

Jughead from Riverdale has gotten into Halloween since he was a little kid — just check out his KISS costume below. Luckily, he never grew out of it! We love his 2015 tribute to the underrated Disney film Atlantis: The Lost Empire.


12. Rihanna

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Rihanna always gives us #HalloweenGoals. Whether as a Ninja Turtle or one of her own biggest (and littlest) fans, we can’t wait to see what she’s planning for this year!


13. Roseanne Conner

Yeah, we know, Roseanne Conner’s not a real person, she’s just the lead character from Roseanne Barr’s brilliant sitcom Roseanne. But if you’re of a certain age and temperament, the yearly Roseanne Halloween specials gave you life.

Seriously, if you watched one of these episodes and weren’t inspired, we can’t be friends anymore.


14 and 15 (and up). Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner Clan

The Jenners and Kardashians really get into Halloween. We can’t just pick one of them, so here are a few of our favorites from the whole family!

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